Booking Information

Tony can provide up to 4 hours of jazz/fusion music entertainment.

After the 1st hour, each additional hour will incorporate a 15 minute break.

Prices to be negotiated – contact Tony

Tony will perform gratis for:

Charities expecting at least 50 people at an event (veteran’s organizations in particular)

And, during this temporary introductory period, certain private parties of 50 or more

Contact me and let’s discuss your situation

Tony is volume compatible with any venue.  Since the back-up band is electronic, he can tailor the volume for any size place.  Please check “Performance Requirements” for space requirements and more.

Fusion music, by nature, is eclectic as is Tony’s repertoire.  He is able to provide soft Brazilian and smooth jazz for the dinner hour or searing Latin selections for later in the evening.  Alternating between hi energy jazz and more mellow music provides periods for refreshment.

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