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Influences include artists from the Fusion genre of music

Wikipedia defines fusion as:

"Jazz fusion, fusion, or jazz-rock are variants of a musical fusion genre that developed from mixing funk and R&B rhythms and the amplification and electronic effects of rock music, complex time signatures derived from non-Western music and extended, typically instrumental compositions with a jazz approach to lengthy group improvisations, often using wind and brass and displaying a high level of instrumental technique. It was created around the late 1960s.  The term "jazz rock" is often used as a synonym for "jazz fusion" as well as for music performed by late 1960s and 1970s-era rock bands that added jazz elements to their music.

After a decade of popularity during the 1970s, fusion expanded its improvisatory and experimental approaches through the 1980s and 1990s. Fusion albums, even those that are made by the same group or artist, may include a variety of styles. Rather than being a codified musical style, fusion can be viewed as a musical tradition or approach."

I contend that the term fusion was 1st applied to the melding of Latin forms of music with American Jazz. This occurred in the late 50s/60s.

Antonio Carlos Jobim was a figurehead in the compositions that were played in that genre. The "Girl From Impanema", a Jobim compostion, played by Stan Getz and sung by Astrud Gilberto became very popular. Jobim composed many more (Wave, How Insensitive, ...). Tito Puente was another Latin star that crossed over to jazz.

Fans enjoyed the way Puente put a big band spin on traditional Latin dances, mixing Latin sounds with jazz and other genres.(Wikipedia)

A couple of examples

Cal Tjader influenced George Shearing to incorporate Cuban percussion into his band

Chick Corea incorporated the rhythms of Airto Moreira and the voice of Flora Purim in his original Return to Forever band.

Weather Report fused Afro-Cuban rhythms with jazz forming a unique sound

There are many more examples of Latin Jazz fusion.

This era of fusion heralded the advent of Jazz Rock and includes Latin influences.

Miles Davis solidified fusion with "Witches Brew" and springboarded many musicians that would go on to carry the genre

John Mcloughlin and Mahavishnu Orchestra

Chick Corea is joined by Bill Connors for a new RTF group

Herbie Hancock

Josef Zawinul and Weather Report

So many more

These artists have influenced me but it would be more correct to say that the Jazz Fusion genre influenced me.

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