Performance Requirements
Stage space:  Minimum 5’ x 5’ for one man on a stool, at least three guitars on stands, an associated control module and a monitor speaker
Power:  One 120V 15 Amp power outlet required.  PA speakers (if required) may require power outlets if placed over 25’ from performer
PA inputs:  Tony will provide two balanced XLR cables to run stereo or mono depending on the venue.  Restricting to a one-cable input requires pre-notification
No sound man required
PA speakers (2) can be provided by Tony but will require floor space to set up stands (3’ x 3’ each)
Shelter/Safety:  Protection from adverse weather such as rain or excessive heat/humidity or rowdy patrons or faulty power conditions
Note:  Since there are no drums involved (drums are virtual), volume levels can be controlled to any level.  Small venues are not overwhelmed.
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